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Why choose our Entrance Doors

Low Maintenance Entrance Doors
Low Maintenance

Our doors are easy to clean and require little upkeep to keep them in top condition.

Durability Entrance Doors

Our doors are built to last, expertly designed and built with the latest manufacturing technologies for maximum strength and stability

Stability Entrance Doors

Built with durable materials, there is little risk of the door swelling and warping in damp conditions

Entrance Doors Colour Options
Colour Options

Using the colourfast technologies of anodising and powdercoating, we have a wide selection of up-to-date colour and finish options available

Entrance Doors Joinery
Thermal Efficiency

Insulated with a solid, premium grade foam inner core prevents the transfer of hot and cold temperatures for greater thermal efficiency for your home

Aluminium Construction Entrance Doors
Aluminium Construction

Constructed from aluminium for reliability and high performance under a range of weather conditions

Entrance Door  Security

Multi locking technologies are available for the increased security of your home

Entrance Doors Joinery
Acoustic Performance

Our doors reduce the transfer of noise into your home

aluminium entrance door

Entrance Door Ranges

Latitude Entrance Door

Aluminium clad doors combining tongue and groove boards in either a vertical or horizontal pattern

Sturdy frame around the door panel

Customisable options include dual colour schemes, glass inserts, thermal breaks, and a range of door hardware

Axis Entrance Door

Vertical tongue and groove panel design with clean, straight lines

Tall heights of up to 2.6m are possible

Available finishes include powdercoated or a woodgrain finish

Durability Entrance Doors

Smooth, flat aluminium finish for a minimalist look

Customisable options include door size, dual colour to match interior and exterior and a range of door hardware

Different finishes available include horizontal detailed lines, tongue and groove and glass inserts or cladding

Glass Plasma Entrance Door
Glass Plasma

Clad in 5mm toughened glass sheets with a minimal aluminium edge

Available in a wide variety of colours and can be custom matched

Available in dual colours for separate interior and exterior choices

Flush flat surface finish.

Classic Entrance Door

Designed with rectangular patterns in either scrolled or contemporary edgings

Available with double glazed units set in the door, including arched options

Available in dual colour for separate interior and exterior choices.

Entrance Door Hardware

Entrance Door Hardware

The Hardware on your entrance door can make a huge statement when people come to your home. We have a huge selection of hardware options to help you make the right first impression.

Torch Pull Handle

This range of handles comes in all stainless with brass components. There are two size options, either 350mm or 550mm.

Streamline Pull Handle

Elegant Slimline design providing a soft look on your door - Full size range from 300-900mm to suit many applications and style preferences - Quality for a durable finish.

Polo Pull Handle

All Stainless/Brass components - Sold as back to back pairs and also available as singles with face fix or rear through door fixing.

Square Pull Handle

All Stainless/Brass components - Sold as back to back pairs and also available as singles with face fix or rear through door fixing

32mm Round Handle

32mm diameter bar. All Stainless steel with brass Components.

19mm Round Handle

19mm diameter solid bar. All Stainless / Brass Components. Size range 300 - 2400mm.

19mm Offset Round Handle

Comes in a back to back pair. 19mm diameter bar and a range in sizes from 300mm to 1200mm.

Offset Square Pull Handle

25mm Offset to open up hand clearance around door jambs and locking systems.

Offset Round Pull

25mm Offset to open up hand clearance around door jambs and locking systems.

Curved Round Handle

Face fix only pull handle. 55mm offset and a 32mm diameter bar.

Nitro Square Pull Handle

Radiused corners for improved ergonomics. Features an offset to open up hand clearance around door jambs and locking systems.

Snake Pull Handle

Curved design to create a statement. Stainless steel with brass components.

Entrance Door Smart lock

Keyless Entry

Security is never needing to hide a spare key again, check out how, with the Yale digital door locking range - you are the key.

Assure Lock™ SL Deadbolt

The Assure SL digital deadbolt has a discreet slimline appearance but don't be fooled - it is robust and tamper-proof. The Yale Assure SL brings convenient smart security to the masses.

Assure Lock™ Digital Lever

The Assure Keyless Lever is all you need on your front door. As a standalone digital lever, there is no need for an additional deadbolt lock, nor a latch or a separate door handle.

Assure Lock™ Deadbolt

Forget carrying around keys. The Assure Lock™ is easy-to-install and conveniently replaces existing deadbolts. Access is easy - simply enter your code on the keypad and the deadbolt will open.

3109+ Digital Door Lock

Access by proximity card, Pin code or key for your convenience, Mechanical key override, Scramble code, Tamper Alarm, Low battery alarm, 4 Digit One Time Code.

Entrance Doors Joinery

Mannex Entrance Door Colours

When choosing your entrance door you have a wide range of colours to choose from. Our low sheen entrance door surface finish from Vantage is designed specifically to endure the knocks and scuffs that a typical entrance way endures.

The Mannex powdercoat finish has a slightly different look to the powdercoating on your aluminium joinery. If you would like to see a sample finish of your chosen colour, have a chat to our team.

All of our doors are available in dual colour, excluding the Slimline Plasma and Aquila. This means you are able to choose a different colour for either side without having to worry about it suiting both inside and outside of your home.

Mannex Matt Black

Mannex Metro Coal Dust

Mannex Flax Pod

Mannex Gravel

Mannex Kodiak

Mannex Charcoal

Mannex Grey Friars

Mannex Ironsand

Mannex New Denim Blue

Mannex Slate Blue

Mannex Karaka

Mannex Pohutukawa

Mannex Scoria

Mannex Salsa

Mannex Cola Red

Mannex Tomcat

Mannex Pounamu

Mannex Windsor Grey

Mannex Aquarium

Mannex Jay

Mannex Blueseye

Mannex Wasp

Mannex Dijon

Mannex Sandstone Grey

Mannex Lichen

Mannex Bronco

Mannex Desert Sand

Mannex Silver Pearl

Mannex Bone White

Mannex Off White

Mannex Titania

Mannex Warm White Pearl

Mannex Appliance White

Mannex Arctic White

Mannex Slate