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Locarno Louvres

At Aitken Joinery we are a supplier of Locarno Louvre systems. Locarno Louvres is a design-led company, offering architects, designers and homeowners a wide range of louvre systems for outdoor living. These louvre systems have been tested and developed since 2004 to withstand New Zealand’s ever-changing environment.

The ultimate (outdoor) roof over your head

Upgrading the windows and doors in your home can make a huge difference to the overall look and feel. By upgrading to aluminium windows it helps to increase the property value and street appeal, while also making your home warmer and dryer through winter.

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The best of indoor-outdoor living year round

With New Zealand’s ever-changing climate it can make it difficult to enjoy your outdoor living space. With a louvre roof, enjoying your outdoor space is so much easier. Enjoying the sun, or blocking the rain can be done with the push of a button.

Louvre roofs are becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand for their sleek design and well thought out functionality. Today, indoor-outdoor living is being integrated into house plans at the design stage, and houses are now revolving around the idea. With a lovure roof you can enjoy your outdoor area in the sun, closing the louvres to spend time in the shade or open them up for the rays to get through. You can also spend time outside, closing the louvre roof and allowing your space to stay dry even in the worst of weathers. Louvre roofs are the perfect addition to your outdoor area allowing you to enjoy it all year round.

Louvre Roof Systems

Locarno Louvres RL200

The RL200 is the original rectilinear louvre roof profile and the most popular series. It has a flat bottom and top, with a 22mm rebate so it looks just as good looking down on it a it does from below. At 200mm wide and only 29mm thick it allows up to 85% sun and light penetrate into the space.

Locarno Louvres RLX200

The RLX200 takes a step above the RL200. At 32mm thick with a wider central core, the RLX200 is designed to achieve longer spans than the RL200. It retains the same clean rectilinear aesthetic with a flat bottom and flat top.

Locarno Louvres RLY200

The RLY200 was developed for extended spaces in extreme environments with high wide and snow loads. At 40mm thick and 200mm wide it achieves extended spans without compromising on aesthetics.

Louvre Roof Systems

Everything you need to know and consider when designing your louvre roof

Indoor-outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular in New Zealand. A basic roof provides shelter to your outdoor space, however, a louvre roof creates an extension to your living space with the ability to enclose your space or open it up.


The height of your louvre roof is a really important decision. The lower your roof, the more intimate and cosy your space will feel. The higher your louvre roof is, the more open and spacious it will feel. Something else to consider when designing your louvre roof is how much sun and shade you want in your space- a roof that sits too high can limit the amount of shade in your space. Be sure to take the time to consider everything when deciding on the height of your roof, as practicality can be something that is looked over.

Louvre Profile

We have three different profile applications to choose from when planning your louvre roof. The different between these profiles are minimal but make a huge impact on your space. Our motorised louvre roof systems offer 3 louvre roof profile options, the RL200, RLX200 and RLY200 profiles. The thinnest louvre profile we offer is the RL200 blade, which is 29mm thick. This allows the most amount of sunlight into your space. The thicker options have the same clean rectilinear look and are typically used where longer spans are required.


Colour is one of the most important factors to consider when designing your louvre roof. When choosing your colour there is a lot to consider. As well as your desired look and feel, you need to consider the amount of natural light your space gets, as well as surrounding colours, exterior cladding and your joinery and roof colours. Typically, dark colours are most frequently used on contemporary designs and lighter colours are used on more traditional houses.


Just like any other space in your home, lighting is very important. With your louvre roof there is an option to add subtle down lights which are integrated into the frame. LED strip lighting is another option. Exterior lighting options open up a huge selection of lighting that would also we perfect for your space. Well planned lighting can transform an outdoor space, helping you to make the most of your indoor-outdoor living.

Frames and Posts

All of our opening louvre roofs incorporate aluminium blades, however you have a few options when it comes to your material for the frames and posts. Aluminium frames are practical and low maintenance. Timber options allow for a flexible design to fit with your architectural details, particularly for traditional-styled homes. And finally steel options allow for longer spans without the need for an extra post, and have a raw, solid aesthetic which fits perfectly with a contemporary space.

Single or Double Bay

Depending on the dimensions of your outdoor space, you may have the option of a single or double bay roof. A single bay system doesn’t require a mid-beam and louvre blades generally run the smaller span. A double bay option is sometimes required for larger spans but can also allow for the choice of the orientation of blades. Typically, we recommend blades to run parallel to the house allowing optimum control of light to the interior. This also most likely mimics the lines of the cladding and decking, ensuring a clean cohesive aesthetic.

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