We are proud to provide superior quality windows and doors made right here in New Zealand

Proudly New Zealand made

We are proud to provide superior quality uPVC & aluminium windows and doors made right here in New Zealand. This means our products are tested for the extreme conditions in New Zealand.

We provide windows and doors

Make the most of your
stunning view

Who needs a beautiful piece of art when you can frame the most amazing views. There are endless opportunities when it comes to your joinery. Whether you are wanting floor to ceiling windows to enhance your surroundings, or subtle windows to make your home feel cozy, we have the options for you. Explore the Vantage window range to learn more about our window's performance and features.

No need for compromise

Breathtaking views can be hard to come by. That is why we encourage maximising the views when you have one. Choosing large open windows for your home helps to frame the view and make your space feel more open. The right design can create an almost uninterrupted view of the surrounds, and when paired with our thermally broken frames and Low-e glass options there is no need to compromise on comfort all year round.

We have a comprehensive range of joinery options to work best with your home

residential series windows and doors

Residential Series

Clean, contemporary lines, smooth surfaces and generously sized profiles – that’s the essence of the Residential Series. It is our most economical, mainstream range of windows and doors.

joinery metro series windows and doors

Metro Series

Metro Series is all about clean lines and a contemporary look. It is a stylish and heavy-duty range, suitable for residential and architectural applications.

architectural series windows and doors

Architectural Series

Targeted at architectural homes and apartments, the APL Architectural Series of high-performance windows and doors are meticulously designed.

replacement windows

Replacement Windows

Are you looking at getting your windows replaced? We can help you out! At Aitken Joinery we help people replace their current windows with high-quality double glazed windows that work perfectly with your home.

High-performance glass

High-performance glass

Our high-performance glass has no limits. Designed for New Zealand’s unique and beautiful environment, we have the right glass for you. Our suppliers have been in the glass industry for over 100 years, which is reflected in their knowledge and high-quality glass solutions.

Passive Ventilation

With our passive ventilation solutions, you'll be breathing fresh air all day, in any weather

Benefits of Passive Ventilation: Introduces fresh air into the building envelope Makes homes healthier, by improving air quality Easier and more efficient to heat, reducing energy consumption

Passive ventilation is a great way to help your home get fresh air all year round. Come in and talk to our sales reps today to learn more about what options are best for you

passive ventilation windows
Joinery Entrance Doors

Entrance Doors

Choosing the right entrance door can be crucial to your home. It is the first thing people see when coming to your house, so make sure you find the right fit!

We have a variety of entrance doors for you to choose from, with different colours and finishes to help ensure your door is right for your home.

All door types have ample configurations available to ensure you achieve the best design and function. Explore the Vantage door range to learn more about our door's performance and features.

Double glazing window


Double glazing is standard these days. But our innovative ThermalHEART technology takes the fight against winter cold a step further, with an additional thermal insulator stitched into the core of our aluminium window system.


Hardware has a more important role in your joinery than you may think. Not only does your hardware alter the look of your joinery, but it also alters the functionality. Explore our hardware to find the best option to suit your needs.

amazing window views


Colour can be a very important part to the look and feel of your home. We provide a wide selection of Vantage durable colours, with different surface and finish options to choose from.

Klima uPVC Windows

Klima uPVC

Based on a premium series from Europe by Kömmerling and optimised for Kiwi conditions, Klima is the ultimate performer when it comes to keeping out the winter cold. Being made of highly durable uPVC, Klima Series windows and doors can also withstand the harshest sunlight.